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Cloudexis eCommerce Private Limited, CEPL HERBALS


60 Capsules
Price: 999/- Rs

MORINGO useful in treating many illnesses like lung diseases, hypertension, chest pains, as well as skin infections. The plant is also useful in balancing metabolism and boosts energy. Moringa contains antioxidants, multivitamins, phytochemicals and contains all of the essential amino acids, which itself is rare among vegetables. Moringa Oleifera is also notable for scoring the highest in the standard ORAC test. Oxidant Radicals Absorbent Capacity (ORAC) system of measurement developed by the National Institute of Health’s National Institute for Aging. It is the measurement of antioxidants found in food and supplements. This means that Moringa is currently contains the highest antioxidant content of any food yet discovered.

Cloudexis eCommerce Private Limited, CEPL HERBALS


60 Capsules
Price: 1499/- Rs

I. Refine skin texture & improve complexion. Reduce Wrinkles and make skin soft, smooth and supple besides eliminating acne.
II. Activate body cells and skin and removes excess oil and moisturize the skin.
III.Enhance the absorption by the body and stimulates the collagen body to produce more collagen.
IV. Help strengthen joints and bones.
V. Antioxidant agents, Improves your health and fitness and maintain acid – base balance in the body.
VI. Enhance the immune system & vitality and reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.
VII. Repair and rejuvenate cells. Help act as anti-aging and delays aging process.

Cloudexis eCommerce Private Limited, CEPL HERBALS


1 Drop
Price: 299/- Rs

Panch Tulsi Drops has a lot of benefits. It has super natural health curing qualities and helpful in all types of Allergies. It has beneficial effect on mind and body. It gives relaxation to mind and body. Scientists have also acknowledged the medicinal properties of tulsi.

It keeps away the deadly fevers like Dengue, Malaria and Swine Flu etc . The intake of tulsi is the best way of intestine cleaning.

Panch Tulsi Drops has a lot of benefits. Panch Tulsi is very effective in cough, cold, acidity, constipation, stomach pain, abdominal pain, and Viral or Seasonal fever, swelling in Lungs, hypertension, chest congestion, fatique, vomiting, obesity, arthritis, asthma, anemia, and ulcers.